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Regular perp

National Post reports on downtown Toronto beaver . . .

Police put the beaver in a garbage can, which they placed in the back of their cruiser. But the beaver escaped and rode down to the lakeshore sitting on the seat, like a regular old perp. Officers told CP24 the animal was “unharmed and happy.

. . . and draws map of wild animals in Canada’s largest city.

Better patients

A visit to Wild at Heart Wildlife Refuge.

If anyone had told retired nurse Judy Miller six years ago that she would be putting her healing skills to use saving baby mice, she would never have believed it.

But that is just what she found herself doing recently after a youngster brought in eight newborn mice whose mother had been killed by a cat.

Miller worked as hard to save those tiny rodents as she did trying to save patients’ lives during her nursing career.  In some ways, she says with a smile, wildlife make much better patients.

“At least when you get bitten, you know they’re wild,” she said about her animal charges.

Size matters

Upper Humber Rod and Gun Club prepares for 23rd Big Game Trophy Competition.

There are three main categories at the competition: moose antlers, woodland caribou antlers and black bear skulls.

Judges score the antlers by measuring their width, height and circumference while the bear skulls’ height and width are measured.

He said the competition highlights the importance of wildlife to the province and its people.

“It’s important that we promote our wildlife and wildlife activities. We are a hunting society. It helps to keep this going,” said Randell.


Sea-to-Sky Highway upgrade bad news for wildlife.

The situation has been on the radar of John Buchanan for months. The long-time Squamish resident and wildlife researcher said he doesn’t understand how it was allowed to happen.

“I have to ask why [the transport ministry] was allowed to construct a highway there in the first place,” he said.

“As soon as you fragment frog habitat, it will be a death scene.

“It is clear to me that the environment just got tossed aside.

“I don’t know if a local extinction has happened here, but I am starting to lean toward that as a possibility.”

Frogs are not the only animals living — and dying — along the upgraded highway. Deer, bears, small mammals such as skunks, weasels, coyotes, raccoons and ducks live along it.



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