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Excess appeal

Nancy Swaine appeals Winnipeg’s refusal to grant excess animal permit.

Swaine told the Winnipeg Sun in December that she rescues cats abandoned at the University of Manitoba by trapping them, bringing them home and nursing them back to health, then trying to find them homes.

She said she’s taken in more than 100 cats over the past 15 years.

Swaine suggested in a letter attached to her appeal application that she has spent more than $100,000 doing this and if she hadn’t “there would now be thousands more unneutered, unspayed cats wandering the Fort Garry Campus.”

Lost respect

University of Manitoba hosts debate on pig farming.

Rempel and Sheridan defended some of the current practices used by hog producers but acknowledged there are larger systemic social issues at the root of the animal rights debate.

Rempel told the audience North American society has lost its respect for food and food production.

Pig pragmatism

University of Manitoba prof on pigs.

I advocate for animal rights from a very pragmatic philosophical position. I simply want animals out of cages, granted the ability to move around and check things out. We all die; we should all get to lie in the sun and explore the shade sometimes.

The Manitoba Pork Council, which helps fund the faculty of agriculture’s research centres, is a proponent of industrial pork production and heavy pork exports. In my opinion, the faculty of agriculture’s department of animal science is too bound up with the pork industry. As part of an institution of critical thinking, they should hold industry at an arm’s length and work independently from it, even if only occasionally. Instead, Manitoba Pork Council and Faculty of Agriculture work closely together. See for information about their exports and contributions to the U of M. It’s all there.



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