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Cat person

Heather Baxter cares for backyard cat colony with help of caT-rESCUE-maRITIMES.

The Grand Bay-Westfield resident first noticed cats on her property six years ago when a litter of kittens poked their heads out of her woodshed.

At the time, the kittens had lived between six and eight weeks without human contact, making them feral cats.

“We never really thought much of it in the neighbourhood. It was cute to watch them play over there and there’s only two houses on my street, so you didn’t have to worry about them too much. Six years later there were from 30 to 50 cats,” she said.

“That’s a lot. And it would have been a lot more.”

Cat problem

Verdun tries Trap-Neuter-Return.

Verdun’s plan to trap and sterilize 100 stray cats this spring is the borough’s response to what has become a growing problem throughout much of the Montreal region. 

Rising numbers of stray cats in residential neighbourhoods are creating feline population densities never before seen in other Canadian cities.

As the situation stands now, the majority of stray cats picked up on city streets – whether by the SPCA, Berger Blanc or other pounds – are euthanized.

The Montreal SPCA is already grappling with more cats than it can handle, euthanizing up to 50 per cent of cats left there by their owners for which new homes cannot be found.



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