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Cat person

Heather Baxter cares for backyard cat colony with helpĀ of caT-rESCUE-maRITIMES.

The Grand Bay-Westfield resident first noticed cats on her property six years ago when a litter of kittens poked their heads out of her woodshed.

At the time, the kittens had lived between six and eight weeks without human contact, making them feral cats.

“We never really thought much of it in the neighbourhood. It was cute to watch them play over there and there’s only two houses on my street, so you didn’t have to worry about them too much. Six years later there were from 30 to 50 cats,” she said.

“That’s a lot. And it would have been a lot more.”

No obligation

A defense of the rights of people.

These creatures are not – as some animal lovers have suggested in interviews with this newspaper – “the weakest members of any society.” It’s not “genocide” to cull the herds, there’s no “obligation to feed them.” They are strong, independent members of their own society – but that’s not our human society. Deer are animals – can’t people get that?

There’s an argument that we have invaded their territory. Well, of course we have. We’ve been doing that ever since the Loyalists landed in the forested area that has since become Canada’s oldest incorporated city – the City of Saint John and its suburbs. That’s an essential part of the evolution of all societies – ours and theirs.



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