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Small genocide

Quispamsis couple speak out against controlled deer hunt.

“I really can’t see where they have the right to kill them all,” said Susan Little. “I thoroughly enjoy my garden but nothing I can grow is as beautiful as one of those animals.”

A controlled hunt has been suggested as one potential solution to curb what provincial deer biologist Rod Cumberland refers to as a “nuisance deer issue” in the area. Cumberland said the belt from Millidgeville to Hampton generates more deer-related complaints than anywhere else in New Brunswick.

He said other solutions exist, but a hunt is the most realistic, economical and humane.

Peter Little, Susan’s husband, called the suggestion “genocide on a small scale.”

“Deer can’t speak for themselves,” he said. “A society is judged by the way it treats its weakest members and helpless animals are one of the weakest members of any society.”



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