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Right thing

An Q+A based on Thursday’s news conference conducted by Rob Godfrey and Kate MacDonald.

How will the OSPCA respond to the dog thefts?

MacDonald said the thefts, which occurred between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, were motivated by a “panicked” desire “to do the right thing.” Nonetheless, staff members found to have stolen dogs could be fired, MacDonald said.

Outcry heard

There’s “reason for hope” for animals that remain in Newmarket.

. . . the “aggressive strain” of ringworm was “not without its casualties,” Godfrey said, confirming that 99 animals had been killed since Tuesday morning.

He also said 15 animals had been stolen from the facility, likely by staff or volunteers who feared for the animals’ safety.

Besieged building

About 100 protest outside Newmarket OSPCA shelter.

Protesters yelling “killer” and “murderer” outside York Region’s OSPCA shelter — where 50 ringworm-infected animals were destroyed by Wednesday — were ordered to stop blocking vehicles.

Guards also repeatedly warned activists to leave a knoll overlooking a fenced compound, where several dogs removed Tuesday were back and barking, while slogans were screamed at the silent, besieged building.

The crowd of protesters, some with dogs, swelled to about 100, most of them waving placards and crosses at motorists.



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