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Sense of fun

Novelist makes compelling case for the whisky jack/gray jay/Canada jay as Canada’s national bird.

The Canada jay lives in every Province and territory, and holds an important place in a story cycle of the Algonquin and Cree peoples, stories which deserve to be much better known than they are. Like the raven, whisky jack is a trickster who survives in a difficult world by cleverness, ruthlessness and a sense of fun. Anyone who has ever encountered the Canada jay at a campsite or a national park can easily understand how the bird morphed into such a hero. It is a gregarious, adaptable and curious species, and genuinely represents the better part of our nature. It’s also already called the Canada jay.

National bird

Canadian Raptor Conservancy has some pretty specific ideas about what kind of bird should represent Canada.

Cowan said provincial birds such as the loon, which is Ontario’s bird, or the snowy owl, which is Quebec’s shouldn’t be chosen. The national bird of another country would also be ineligible. He’d prefer an endangered bird not be selected, in case it becomes extinct.

“It should be a bird that every Canadian I think sees in day-to-day life,” said Cowan.

“Personally I feel it shouldn’t have any natural enemies, because I really don’t want my national bird being picked on by some other animal out there.”



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