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AIC is going to lay low over the summer and come back revamped by fall.  Here are two unmitigated downers to mull over in the meantime.

Statistics . . .

On Friday, Manitou RCMP went to the property in the RM of Lorne. Officers discovered as many as 500 dead pigs, along with about 160 that were so sick that they had to be put down. Many of the animals were found living without proper food, water or ventilation.

 RCMP said evidence of “severe neglect” was observed. About 2,000 animals were rescued.

. . . tragedy.

I’m very sad to say that Sunny also had to be put down recently. Sunny was surrendered to the shelter back in August 2009, and he was a super-sweet, cuddly older boy. He was finally adopted in December, only to be returned two months later. He was clearly depressed to be back in the shelter, and his awesome personality quickly disappeared. He stayed in the corner, not moving, not interested in people. And then recently, he started biting people when they tried to pet him. Four months had passed since he’d been returned, it was clear no one was going to adopt him, he was depressed and he was going to hurt someone.


Loathsome nature

John Sorenson on the RCMP’s claim that there is no cruelty at Bouvry Horse Exports Ltd.

. . . the RCMP were probably persuaded by Bouvry that their operations conformed to standard practices. This is probably true, but this is simply an indication of the loathsome nature of the entire industry. Anyone seeking verification of this may turn to Gail Eisnitz’s book Slaughterhouse.

As depraved and horrific as they are, the scenes at Bouvry are simply instances of a far greater pattern. The entire industry is based on cruelty: deliberately depriving sentient beings of the lives they enjoy simply to satisfy the trivial desire to savour their flesh in our mouths.

Unsecured load

Winnipeg Free Press plays cow escape for laughs.

With the assistance of the owner and several police officers, the cattle were corralled and returned to their trailer. Police said [they] were apparently “shaken by the entire episode” but uninjured.

An 81-year-old man from Vermette, MB, has been charged under the Highway Traffic Act for operating a motor vehicle with an unsecured load.

Possible cruelty

Suspicious circumstances in Altona.

Cpl. Theresa Figurski of the Altona RCMP detachment said residents have had three dogs show up with strange injuries, and then another resident found two skinned animals near a local highway.

She said officers are not labelling the incidents as possible animal cruelty, but they’re suspicious about the circumstances of the animal’s injuries.

All of the animals were found, or lived, in an area about eight-square kilometres from Altona, she said.

Mounties are saying they’re trying to figure out if the incidents are connected, but they don’t want to be “alarmist.”

“We’re not exactly sure. I can’t say, you know, that it’s cruelty or it’s done deliberately, but it’s certainly enough… we want to find out or investigate more,” she said.

Under investigation

RCMP looking into horse slaughterhouse.

Police opened the file after the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition made a complaint against Bouvry Horse Exports Ltd, which sells horse meat to international markets.

The animal rights group says a secretly recorded video was sent to them showing horses at the Fort Macleod slaughterhouse being shot and then hoisted away by their legs while still fully conscious.

“It’s currently under investigation. We’re speaking with the SPCA as well,” said Sgt. Brent Hawker, with the RCMP detachment in Fort Macleod.

“If there’s a criminal offence that’s been committed, we’ll lay charges.”

Seal help

Wayward seal returned to water.

Ray Nicholson, who also lives in Cornwall, said the seal was in his back yard and his neighbours’ Wednesday afternoon.
Nicholson said there is a river nearby and he assumed it came up from there.
“It had to come in somewhere.”
He and his neighbours Jim and Matthew Coyle took the seal, wrapped it in a tarp and took it to the river.
They had hoped it would make its way back out to the water but it came back inland.
He said Thursday morning a lot of people had stopped on the street to take pictures of the seal, especially with their cellphones.
“It’s just strange to see this so far inland.”
The RCMP and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) came to round up the seal on Ferry Road and released it in the nearest water.



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