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Shelter dogs

National poll finds 43 per cent of Canadians buy dogs from breeders, and most don’t know how many homeless dogs we’ve got.

The largest proportion of the poll’s 1,008 telephone respondents — 11 per cent — put the number of unwanted dogs brought to shelters in Canada every year at 10,000.

According to the survey’s statistics, the actual number of dogs admitted to shelters annually is over three times that, at more than 36,000. Many of these animals are destroyed when homes cannot be found for them.

Soft spot

A look at the federal government’s Marquee Tourism Events Program in light of its decision not to fund the Toronto Pride Festival.

The Marquee program seems to have a soft spot for rodeos. Last year, it funded the Cloverdale Rodeo and this year money was doled out to Whoop-Up Days in Lethbridge, the Saskatoon Exhibition and the Interior Provincial Exhibition and Stampede -all of which have rodeo events.

And for citizens concerned about Canada’s obesity or diabetes epidemics, rest assured the Marquee program has not neglected the nation’s health.

That’s why it also funded Canada’s Largest Ribfest, which claims that an “astonishing 150,000 pounds of ribs” are consumed in one weekend.



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