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Humane drowning

P.E.I. will cull beavers this summer.

“I wish we had a magic wand to fix the problem,” said retired P.E.I. biologist Daryl Guignon. “But it’s not easy, let me tell you. The beavers are so prolific here, they’re in pretty well every watercourse,” so relocating them would be futile.

Clarence Ryan has been a government-contracted trapper in eastern P.E.I. since the beaver management program was first launched. Last season he killed 87 beavers with two types of traps, a traditional Conibear clamp and a submersible snare. The first, the “trap of choice” for professionals, is supposed to kill the beaver instantly, though some environmental groups say it often doesn’t. The second is meant to drown the animal in under five minutes.

“They’re humane, fast and efficient,” Ryan said.

Fox in the snow

Run over by a snowmobile in P.E.I.

The cute, photogenic fox, which makes friends on golf courses, backyards and fields across the Island, has earned a soft spot in the hearts of many Islanders. It seems to harm no one, and always lifts the spirits of those who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a fox foraging for a meal. So it’s hard to believe that anyone could think it was sporting to corner a fox, chase it to the point of exhaustion and then run over it repeatedly into the snow.

No doubt most snowmobilers are in the sport for the fun of being outdoors in the winter and for the camaraderie of being with friends. But there are always a few who spoil it for everyone else. To kill a fox in this manner is cruel and sadistic. Any animal deserves a better fate. The incident got regional press coverage on radio, television and newspapers and it doesn’t paint a good picture for this gentle Island. We hope the snowmobilers involved in Friday night’s incident will come forward and clear the record.



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