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Faces of Change sweep THS election.

“A lot of people worked very hard to bring about change at the Toronto Humane Society and it’s just so exciting to know that the change that we have all been fighting for is very soon going to be the reality,” Laking said Sunday.

In a clear repudiation of past leadership, humane society members elected a new board of directors Sunday made up entirely of the organization’s most outspoken critics.

New alliance

Development in upcoming THS board election.

Now two of the slates — Representing Animals in Need and Faces of Change — have joined forces in an attempt to consolidate their vote and keep the third group from being elected.

Save the THS — according to their opponents — is connected to the former leadership of the humane society.

The groups that have combined “have very similar passions,” said candidate Marcie Laking. “Our heart and souls have been in it and we thought it made perfect sense to fight together.”

Laking says the former leadership at the THS “can’t be running the animal shelter. They’ve proven they can’t handle it. Everything has to change.”

Three slates

List of fifty candidates for new Toronto Humane Society board of directors released.

The list includes contenders of every stripe – business executives, veterinarians, lawyers, volunteer dog walkers and a Tennis Canada executive. A source said that the list consists of three likely slates of 15 members and a handful of independent candidates, including acting THS president Bob Hambley.

Some candidates have ties to at least two reform groups, the Association to Reform the THS and Representing Animals in Need, and others appear to have ties to the former board of directors who were charged with animal cruelty in November.

“A fresh start will require more than just a coat of paint,” said Marcie Laking, a former THS employee, member of ART and one of the candidates. “It will require new policies, new procedures and new leadership.”



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