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Problem persists

Lesley Fox on Metro Vancouver’s approach to beavers.

Make no mistake, cruel trapping is happening right here in our own backyards. Some of the worst offenders include the municipalities of Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows. Keep in mind traps not only kill beavers, but they have the potential to kill other wildlife and even our pets.

But despite years of local beaver trapping, the problem persists. This is largely because trapping is just a Band-Aid solution. No matter how much trapping is done, attractive habitat and an ongoing food source mean more beavers will return to the area.

In common

Letter to a backyard horse breeder.

We have never met and never spoken, but we have something in common. You are the backyard breeder who sold my Paint horse Blue to the man I bought him from. I am a backyard horse owner, and Blue was my very first horse. I thought that you might want to know how he turned out.

Mass exodus

Mountain View residents on the move.

Malcolm Weatherstone, spokesman for the Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre, confirmed all exotic species will be moved over the next few months — but management won’t yet say where or why.

The massive animal transfer follows the deaths of several giraffes at the facility and the SPCA’s recent recommendation of criminal animal-cruelty charges after an adult Masai giraffe died at the centre in February.

This week, criminal justice branch spokesman Neil MacKenzie said charges against Mountain View are still being reviewed.

Not for sale

B.C. SPCA and Langley Animal Protection Society asks Langley council to consider banning the sale of dogs from pet stores.

Price tag aside, the true cost of buying a puppy from a pet store is likely far greater than one might expect, and it’s something people simply shouldn’t do, says the SPCA’s general manager of cruelty investigations.

Marcie Moriarty and Langley Animal Protection Society’s shelter manager Sean Baker made that point during a presentation at Langley City Hall on Monday night, when they came to ask council to consider banning the sale of dogs at pet stores within the City.

Good year

Langley Animal Protection Society looks back on ’09.

“This time last year, we were still in the old building and our water froze,” Baker recalled. For a week, volunteers and staff were lugging water from a house on the property, around the construction site, and into the dilapidated and rat-infested 2,000-square-foot old shelter facility – kept operational with a makeshift or bandage approach.

In stark contrast, the new building houses 28 kennels, three cat isolation rooms, visiting rooms, dedicated food preparation, state-of-the-art grooming space, offices, as well as drive-in bay for loading and unloading pets. “I think for the animals in Langley, it will make a big difference,” Baker said, noting the old structure was finally demolished this fall, making room for exercise and training yards for the dogs.

“It was exciting,” he said of 2009. “Our dream for the last six years, even before LAPS opened its first shelter there, was a dream of a bigger state-of-the-art shelter.” A big investment of time, and of course money, has paid off, Baker said, looking admiringly at the new facilities.



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