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Penguin proposal


A West Edmonton Mall critter – featured in a movie starring Jessica Alba and commercial with David Suzuki – took a break from Hollywood to pop a penguin proposal.

Tweeblik, an 11-year-old African black-footed penguin, bared a shiny ring around her bow-tied neck for Corey Tinkess to propose to his animal-loving girlfriend Thursday.

“I’m shaking,” said Amanda Timmers, 22, as she tearfully accepted the diamond ring at the mall.

“Didn’t expect that did ya?” Tinkess said.

She didn’t suspect a thing.

Tinkess, 23, a high-school teacher in Ingleside, Ont., began planning the unique proposal to his girlfriend of five years in October. He coincided a week-long trip from their home province of Ontario to Edmonton with a penguin class at the mall to learn more about the critters.

The couple sat down, ready to watch a penguin create them a painting, when Tweeblik waddled in the room with an engagement ring.

“I do love penguins,” said Timmers, who is working toward a career in psychology. “I love them because they are so awkward, the way they walk.”



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