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Animal complaints

Iqaluit’s dog problem overwhelms bylaw officers.

Iqaluit bylaw officers already spend most of their time dealing with Iqaluit’s loose dogs, but that’s still not enough to get the work done, Keith Park, the Iqaluit’s acting bylaw chief, told city councillors May 4 at a meeting of the city’s public works and engineering committee.

Park said his department is so busy catching loose dogs, there’s little time for other kinds of bylaw enforcement.

“Ninety-eight per cent of our call-outs are animal complaints,” he said.

Ethical harvest

Quebec senator promotes sealing declaration in Nunavut.

Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette is visiting Iqaluit this week to promote the Universal Declaration on the Ethical Harvest of Seals, which she released last year.

Hervieux-Payette, who plans to go on an Inuit seal hunt on Thursday, said Tuesday the declaration could help Canada make a case to the World Trade Organization to force the EU to overturn its seal product ban.

“It was just a pure political decision which has no legal ground,” she said of the ban.

Primitive measures

There are no vets in Nunavut.

Despite the fact that Nunavut has a staggering concentration of dogs—a 2007 survey found that in Iqaluit, there were nearly half as many canines as the city’s 7,000 people—there is not a single veterinarian. The lack of access to sterilization has led to overpopulation, and euthanasia (by gun) is seen as a necessary evil to control numbers and disease. Common illnesses, easily preventable with vaccination, often run rampant. In Iqaluit, a recent outbreak of canine parvovirus, which leads to vomiting, diarrhea and possibly death, prompted council to pass an emergency measure: unclaimed strays could be destroyed by bylaw officers after 12 hours, rather than the standard 72. Says Janine Budgell, who runs the territory’s only humane society, in Iqaluit, “People don’t know how under-resourced we are, and how primitive the measures [that are used].”



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