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So twee!

Chihuahua adopts kittens in Surrey.

A two-year-old chihuahua named Buttercup has adopted two separate litters of kittens and is nursing them back to health.

Her owner, Lisa Scribner, 37, said Buttercup feeds and cleans them just as though they were her own puppies. Scribner is a veterinarian assistant at the Angel Animal Hospital.

The bittersweet tale began two weeks ago when Buttercup gave birth to a puppy who died four hours after birth. Scribner said it broke her heart to see her beloved Buttercup looking so forlorn.

Miracle of nature

An inter-species adoption in Manitoba.

Two months ago, a lamb named Sheba was rejected by her mother.

That’s when the Sunny, the golden lab, came to the rescue.

From the day Sheba was born, 3-year-old Sunny stepped in: licking, snuggling and most incredibly, feeding the lamb.

“Sheba started to suckle. Sunny started developing milk. And she still has milk. Yeah, it’s amazing, I know,” says Morris hobby farm owner, Dianne Shaw.

Sunny hasn’t had a litter of her own in over two years, so the Shaws consider her nursing the motherless lamb to be a miracle of nature.



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