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Absolutely ridiculous

Activists intimidated by Al Azhar Shrine Circus volunteers.

Daisy Foundation founder Heather Anderson said she was appalled at the behaviour of the circus volunteers, who she says would not allow patrons who accepted anti-animal cruelty pamphlets from the group into the circus.

“They were cursing at us and ripping pamphlets out of our hands and threatening us. It was absolutely ridiculous. They turned some people away for taking our pamphlets,” she alleged.

A joke

Judge gives conditional discharge to man who killed puppy.

Semenuk’s decision was greeted with outrage by a handful of animal rights activists who had hope to see Rabeau carted off to jail.

“A slap on the wrist (for) this guy is not nearly enough,” said Heather Anderson, of the Daisy Foundation.

“He robbed this family of a lot of years of loving that dog,” Anderson said, with a group of supporters nodding in agreement.

“It’s a joke.”

Busy day

Calgary courts consider three animal cruelty cases in one day.

“It just goes to show how many cases are really happening in this county. And when you consider these are the cases going to court, what about the ones that didn’t have enough evidence,” says Anderson.

The Daisy Foundation says changes are needed to Canadian law so animal abusers are given stiffer sentences.

The group is lobbying the federal government to pass Bill C-229.



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