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Serious matter

Sixty-five guinea pigs killed at Edmonton Valley Zoo.

“This is a very serious matter,” said Dean Treichel, the zoo’s operations supervisor during a news conference Thursday afternoon. “While the cause of death is still being determined, the fact that so many died, almost simultaneously, is certainly suspicious. “What we do know at this time is that there were some abnormal physical findings with these animals, and this information, combined with a thorough review by independent pathologists, is being conducted,” said Treichel.

“All of us at the Edmonton Valley Zoo have been gravely affected by this incident and are taking it very seriously.”

Small rescue

Small Animal Rescue Society of B.C. rescues one of four or five abandoned guinea pigs.

The society gets about five to seven calls a week from people wanting to give their small pets away and about five to 10 calls a month of domestic rabbits roaming loose outdoors. While abandoned guinea pigs are uncommon, Hutcheon recalled a case of two gerbils left in a hamster ball in a Vancouver park last month.

“It had a note attached saying, ‘My owner can no longer care for me. If I’m alive, please feed me. If I’m dead, oh well,'” Hutcheon said, adding all the owner had to do was take the gerbils to an SPCA branch. “It’s really sad.”



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