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Independent thinkers

Guelph Humane Society elects new board.

“I think it’s a very strong board,” outgoing president Simon McLatter said Thursday morning. “There are good resource people there with a wide range of abilities that will be important as the organization moves forward.”

“I hope the new board members are independent thinkers who will focus on the needs of the animals,” said Gaynor Fletcher, who still has another year as a director.

The local humane society had been plagued by dissenting views among board members and the division had become ugly.

Guelph Humane Society

Special meeting went well, according to president.

“The majority of the membership is very happy,” McLatter said Wednesday, a day after a special meeting in which dissidents aired concerns like what they see as a high rate of euthanasia, delays in building a new shelter and continued use of controversial euthanasia drugT-61.

McLatter said that positive attitude was reflected in the temper of the meeting.

“I think it went quite well. It was a good turnout,” McLatter said. “We had lots of questions from the audience, comments.” No new issues were raised, though old ones were explored, he said.

Attendees were reminded valid issues need to be resolved, said board member Gaynor Fletcher, leader of the dissident group.



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