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Pretty stoked

Pellet gun kills posted to Facebook generate controversy.

Clarke says he and his friends have done nothing wrong.

“Everything you do these days, someone is going to get offended,” he said.

“It’s not like we’re going out there with .22s without our firearms licences or (hunting tags) and stuff. We know what we’re doing is legal.” He and his buddies like to take air rifles equipped with scopes to bushy areas in the countryside around St. Albert and Morinville, Alta., where they pick off small animals, mostly birds.

The pictures show them proudly displaying dead magpies and other birds. But their proudest moment came a few weeks ago when they killed a large jackrabbit. Several photos show them proudly holding the rabbit carcass and mugging for the camera.

“We were pretty stoked about the rabbit,” said Clarke.

Asked what they did with the carcass after the photos, Clarke replied that they threw it in the trash.



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