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Not effective

On Ontario’s pit bull ban.

“As veterinarians, we would like to see legislation getting to the root of the problem,” said Dr. Warren Skippon, the group’s manager of national issues and animal welfare. “Slicing off one breed and banning that breed is not effective legislation.”

He said it was difficult for veterinarians to identify pit bulls due to the cross-mixing of several breeds, and instead the association would like to see new legislation requiring owners to register aggressive dogs.

“It really comes down to responsible pet ownership,” said Skippon. “People choosing dogs that are well matched to their lifestyle and choosing dogs selected for temperament, not for their looks.”

Welcome news

Brittany and Rambo go home.

More than three months after the City of Brampton took two dogs from their owners, charging that they were illegally bred pit bulls, the city conceded this week that the dogs were indeed not pit bulls and returned them to their owners Monday.

It was welcome news for the Branco and Gaspar families who burned through thousands of dollars in legal fees to get their pooches home.

Brampton has done this before.

Rocsi, Ruckus and Missus were three dogs seized from two separate families in the past year, and all three ended up in adoptive homes in Newfoundland. Their owners argue the dogs were not pitbulls, they were mixed-breed mutts, but they were never given a chance to prove it and they didn’t have the resources to battle the city in court.
When Gail Crocker heard about the seizure of Brittany and Rambo— two mixed-breed dogs just recently released by the city after an independent veterinarian determined they are not pitbulls— her reaction was immediate.
“I could not believe my ears when I heard this story,” she said. “It was like my worst nightmare had come back to haunt me.”



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