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Production passion

Bovine Education Trust set up at Ontario Veterinary College.

“Our goal is to nurture those student veterinarians who have a passion for food-animal production by providing additional learning opportunities to help them excel at school, so they’ll be ready to launch their careers as skilled veterinarians serving rural communities.”

The placements will serve to assure Ontario’s beef and dairy producers of “first-class veterinary care over the long term,” OVC said.


Big winner

Second Celebration Sale to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.

More than 60 breeders have consigned cattle for the sale, according to Mark Smith of Chesterville’s Sunnylodge Farm, one of three organizers of the event. The others are Stéphane Villeneuve of Hawkesbury’s Vioris Holsteins and Cameron MacGregor of Inkerman’s Upper Canada Holsteins.

While buyers will come away with genetics from some of the region’s top Holstein families, it’s the Canadian Cancer Society that will come out the big winner from the day, according to Mark Smith.

Property damaged

Two cows die after escaping trailer.

One of the bovines died when it jumped out the back of the enclosed unit travelling northbound at approximately 2 p.m., after the door somehow opened. The animal’s tan-coloured carcass lay in a farmer’s field during the resulting roundup that closed County Rd. 31 for three and a half hours. Police rerouted traffic over Liscumb and Cayer roads, and along County Rd. 13.

Another cow — one of four that eluded immediate recapture — was struck and killed on County Rd. 43, west of Winchester, later that evening, according to the SD&G OPP. “There was only property damage” to the vehicle that hit the cow, and no human injury, said Const. Pete Robertson.


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Tough choice

Ontario Veal Association pitches marketing board for industry, look at U.S. changes to veal housing standards.

Some U.S. packers now only accept calves from group pens.

The group pen versus individual pen argument is a catch-22 for the industry. Open group pens look better to the public than traditional individual calf huts.

However, European research has found calves raised in individuals pens tend to be healthier, with lower mortality and medication rates, than calves raised in groups pens, said Mr. Vermeire, a Phd in animal nutrition and past chair of the Joint Committee of the American Society of Animal Science and American Dairy Science Association.

Resistance is futile

Shuswap farmer gets automated.

Traditionally, the life of a dairy farmer revolved around strict milking times. In May’s case, 5 a.m. and 4 p.m. every day, rain or shine, 365 days a year.

But the times, they are a changing, as DeMay Farms recently became the first in the Shuswap to convert their dairy operation to an entirely automated robotic milking system.

The DeLaval system uses computer and robotic technology to milk each of the cows on a 24-hour a day system. It works by tempting the cows into a special chute with a grain feed.



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