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Not just some $600 animal

Embryo implant purebred Simmental calf apparently shot, then stolen.

“We didn’t see the blood at first, but the mother cow of the calf that was shot was refusing to move and was quite agitated. She kept wanting to go back to a certain spot, so we followed her and that’s when we saw the blood,” said Vern.

The calf’s dam and sire from Alberta and Saskatchewan based purebred Simmental operations, were valued and previously sold at auction for $32,500 and $32,000, respectively, so their offspring was “not just some $600 market animal,” said Vern.

Worth eating

Review of Mark Schatzker’s Steak.

You may think you don’t need to read a whole volume about one man’s quest for succulent pieces of a cow. Maybe you’re a vegetarian who objects to the very notion of steak. Maybe you think that yet another book about yet another guy’s deep obsession with yet another small corner of human existence is simply too much.

You’d be wrong. “Steak” is well worth reading, and not just for those of us whose mouth is set to watering by a cover that depicts four pieces of perfectly broiled steak skewered on a fork.

What Schatzker has done here, in this trip around the planet by a peripatetic carnivore chasing a meaty McGuffin, is nothing less than offer an impassioned, cogent, even humble defence of why the steak — and, by extension, meat in general — is worth eating.

Unsecured load

Winnipeg Free Press plays cow escape for laughs.

With the assistance of the owner and several police officers, the cattle were corralled and returned to their trailer. Police said [they] were apparently “shaken by the entire episode” but uninjured.

An 81-year-old man from Vermette, MB, has been charged under the Highway Traffic Act for operating a motor vehicle with an unsecured load.

Total loss

Barn fire kills 450 cows.

A fire roared through a barn full of dairy cows in southeast Manitoba on Monday, killing hundreds of animals and causing an estimated $8.5 million in losses.

The blaze swept through the barn, in the Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne, at about 6:15 p.m.

Fire departments from the region, about 50 kilometres southeast of Winnipeg, were able to extinguish the blaze but the barn and its contents were a total loss, RCMP said.

Zero doubt

A review of Mark Schatzker’s Steak.

In Texas, Schatzker learns about meat grading and marbling, and that “fat is flavour.” He also visits a feedlot where 32,000 crowded-in cattle, shot up with hormones and antibiotics, gorge themselves on flaked corn feed, and release clouds of lung-clogging fecal dust into the surrounding air. The sights, sounds and scents of the feedlot might be enough to turn some meat eaters off beef, but Schatzker does not (later) abandon grain-fed “commodity beef” on principle; he rejects it on taste, firm in the belief that “despite the veggie-friendly urgings of lentil-eating university coeds and the grumblings of bearded vegans who lurk at the edges of cocktail parties, there is zero doubt that humans are designed to eat meat.”

Unborn heifer

Top selling cow at 2nd Edition Celebration Sale in Berwick to be born this summer.

At $70,000 Steven Velthuis reckons the elite calf will be one of the top five selling unborn heifers in Canada this year, if not one of the top two. The price was pretty much what he expected as the heifer is from one of the most sought after cow families in the world right now. The Atlee family Man-o-Man flush was divided into two groups and Velthuis Farms had already sold a pick from the first group at $75,000.

Backed by superior genetics, buying an elite dairy cow sight unseen is not uncommon. Velthuis recently purchased a $150,000 animal in a similar situation.

Eternal inaccurate Hitler references

Toronto author opines on Steak.

“The very interesting thing about human beings from an evolutionary point of view is that if we eat meat that’s too lean, it’ll kill us.” Schatzker believes the human longing for tasty beef is an evolutionary advantage, because deliciousness means survival and smartness. Handy theory! He’s not intellectually macho like too many barbecue writers, but Schatzker’s no vegan: He all but implies vegan mothers are endangering the future mental capacity of their offspring. It will be interesting to witness the public smackdowns sure to happen once the anti-meat crowd read Steak. Schatzker, whose grandfather was shot by the Nazis, enjoys making the point that Hitler was a vegetarian.



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