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They suffer

Cirque Estival’s circus will go ahead in Gander.

Coun. Doug Foley introduced a motion at the May 19 council meeting because of his concerns over the treatment of animals travelling with circus groups such as Cirque Estival, which is scheduled to perform at the Gander Community Centre on June 22.

“I’m not of the opinion that these animals, which certainly aren’t indigenous to Newfoundland and Labrador, are put on this Earth for humans to gawk at. They suffer, and that’s a basic fact. I have a fundamental problem with the circus, and I can’t just sit by, contract or no contract, and say that’s okay.”

Against their nature

Massacre Animal protests Cirque Estival.

The training process for animals like elephants and horses is grueling, said animal rights group Massacre Animal.

“It’s against their nature… it causes frustration, it causes pain, it causes anxiety,” said activist Patricia Tulasne.

Protestors shouted into a megaphone outside the circus, telling parents and children that animals are whipped, beaten and tormented.

Inside, animal trainers tell a different story.

 Point blank

 Marystown bylaw banning circuses to come into effect following June 27 Cirque Estival.

Coun. Leonard Pittman brought forward the unanimously supported motion, calling for the ban during a meeting last week, although at least one councillor who voted in support of the proposal did so with some reservation.

Coun. Albert Stacey wondered if council was censoring what people can watch or attend by prohibiting circuses featuring animals.

“I’ve got some mixed feelings on whether I should be telling a person that you can’t see (a certain event) in Marystown … am I censoring what they are allowed to watch?

“If they don’t want to watch it, they wouldn’t go watch it, but I still think they should be given the opportunity. Right now we’re shutting them down point blank.”



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