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Poisonous paws

B.C. SPCA calls for ban on cosmetic pesticides.

But until there is a ban in place, pet guardians should take care to protect little Fluffy and Fido from the dangers lurking on the blades of lush, green grass.

“It’s almost impossible to completely shield pets from exposure because you never really know which neighbour used what and where,” says Naherniak. “You just have to take care to wash and wipe their paws when they come in from outside.”

Big winner

Second Celebration Sale to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.

More than 60 breeders have consigned cattle for the sale, according to Mark Smith of Chesterville’s Sunnylodge Farm, one of three organizers of the event. The others are Stéphane Villeneuve of Hawkesbury’s Vioris Holsteins and Cameron MacGregor of Inkerman’s Upper Canada Holsteins.

While buyers will come away with genetics from some of the region’s top Holstein families, it’s the Canadian Cancer Society that will come out the big winner from the day, according to Mark Smith.



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