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Along that line

Sweet Nothing gets a prosthetic limb.

Saved first from the slaughterhouse, then from a devastating leg injury that veterinarians said called for euthanasia, the small bay mare is now one of a handful of horses in the world to sport a customized prosthetic limb after her bad hind leg was amputated below the hock.

“When you save a person’s life that person becomes your responsibility until the end of his days,” said Roger Brincker, the 74-year-old Alberta man who has spent the last three decades rescuing animals and, nine years ago, added Sweet Nothing to his brood.

“I look at my animals along that line. Once I’ve saved animals from being slaughtered or mistreated, this animal is now in my care and I can’t abandon it.”

Absolutely ridiculous

Activists intimidated by Al Azhar Shrine Circus volunteers.

Daisy Foundation founder Heather Anderson said she was appalled at the behaviour of the circus volunteers, who she says would not allow patrons who accepted anti-animal cruelty pamphlets from the group into the circus.

“They were cursing at us and ripping pamphlets out of our hands and threatening us. It was absolutely ridiculous. They turned some people away for taking our pamphlets,” she alleged.

photo Darren Makowichuk/Calgary Sun

A joke

Judge gives conditional discharge to man who killed puppy.

Semenuk’s decision was greeted with outrage by a handful of animal rights activists who had hope to see Rabeau carted off to jail.

“A slap on the wrist (for) this guy is not nearly enough,” said Heather Anderson, of the Daisy Foundation.

“He robbed this family of a lot of years of loving that dog,” Anderson said, with a group of supporters nodding in agreement.

“It’s a joke.”

Animals of consequence

Poison planted at Calgary off-leash parks.

The poison in question is Rozol, a chlorophacinone-laced bait that causes internal bleeding and gradual death when ingested by rodents, including ground squirrels and gophers.

Of course, the slow suffering of critters killed by Rozol has been subject to controversy outside of Alberta, with animal rights groups saying it’s a cruel and lingering way to murder rodents.

But this being a prairie province, where gopher holes are deemed a serious menace to public safety and ankles, there’s been little outcry over a few ground squirrels keeling over.

But now animals of consequence are threatened — with more than 100,000 dogs living as pets in Calgary, the idea of Rover, Fido or Daisy eating a poison pellet is a ghastly prospect.

It’s an animal

Rat not allowed in Calgary to find new home in Vancouver.

On Friday, Matilda will fly in a double-locked cage to Vancouver with a volunteer, who is covering the expense.

“It’s an animal, it deserves to be taken care of,” rescue society spokeswoman Simone Bur said. “We’re kind of like the end of the line. If we say no, it means the rat’s going to die. It’s absolutely heart-breaking.”



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