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Not effective

On Ontario’s pit bull ban.

“As veterinarians, we would like to see legislation getting to the root of the problem,” said Dr. Warren Skippon, the group’s manager of national issues and animal welfare. “Slicing off one breed and banning that breed is not effective legislation.”

He said it was difficult for veterinarians to identify pit bulls due to the cross-mixing of several breeds, and instead the association would like to see new legislation requiring owners to register aggressive dogs.

“It really comes down to responsible pet ownership,” said Skippon. “People choosing dogs that are well matched to their lifestyle and choosing dogs selected for temperament, not for their looks.”

Breed specific

The fight for Brittany and Rambo continues.

“It lets us know we’re not alone in the fight and we’re just going to keep fighting,” said Joe Gaspar, whose mom Maria owns Rambo. Brittany is owned by Joseph Branco.

Along with the dogs’ owners, the protesters called on the shelter to give back the dogs. They also want the province to step in and fix what opponents say is a murky law that leaves the definition of pit bull open to interpretation, which leads to disputes.

Brampton pitbulls(?)

Families of seized dogs gain support online.

The Gaspars and Brancos have been told there were no complaints about their dogs, and no accusations of aggressive behaviour, running loose or biting. Similar to what happened to Rambo, an animal control officer who went to collect a licence fee from the Branco home spotted Brittany and started asking questions about her lineage.

Both dogs were seized, and have been held at the city’s animal shelter ever since.

A dog doesn’t have to be a pitbull to be labelled as one under the city’s bylaw. It defines a pitbull as a pitbull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire bull terrior, American pitbull terrier, or “a dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics that are substantially similar to those dogs.”

Both families are distraught about the seizure of their pets.

Pitbull ban

An editorial in support of Ontario’s Bill 222.

There is no such thing as a pitbull problem; there is, however, a history of social irresponsibility, ignorance and media bias towards this breed. When the media hears of a pitbull attack story, it clenches onto it, while other dog attacks are rarely reported (and it is not because they don’t happen). Nevermind the 98% of pitbulls that pose no threat to society. All the McGuinty government’s pitbull ban accomplished is providing a false sense of public safety from dangerous dogs.

I’m not going to deny that there have been instances where pitbulls have attacked people and other dogs. But there are instances where people have been attacked by all breeds of dog. You can’t lump entire breeds together based on the actions of a few, just like you can’t lump entire races of people together.



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