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Vet says neither Viande Rischelieu Inc. nor Bouvry Exports up to horse-slaughter standards.

Horses were whipped, struck across the head and poked with electrical prods at the Quebec plant. And some of the horses that were hung to bleed at the Alberta plant showed signs of consciousness, Dr. Zimmerman said.

In addition, she said, the footage shows instances at both facilities when it took more than one shot to take a horse down.

Horses are high-fear flight animals, Dr. Zimmerman said. “What sets them off is anything that is unusual to them, or a sudden noise. As well, they will have great anxiety when they feel they are trapped in a small space.” When they panic, it is difficult to get off a clean shot.

Duty of care

Canadian Food Inspection Agency will look into allegations of  cruelty at Alberta horse slaughtering plant.

“We are certainly validating those allegations and we have initiated contact with the regulated parties and we certainly ensure that we are vigilant with regards to our duty of care and humane treatment of animals,” said Martin Appelt, a veterinarian and manager for meat programs with the CFIA in Ottawa. “Whether or not this will lead to regulatory action I cannot say at this point. We do have a requirement for evidence to prove wrongdoing.”
It could take several weeks before any additional information becomes available. Appelt said he has seen the video footage sent to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC). The footage came anonymously to the CHDC and its executive director is convinced it shows inhumane treatment of horses in the slaughtering room at both Bouvry and another slaughtering plant in Quebec.



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