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Routinely abandoned

On the fate of exotic pets.

“The red-eared sliders we commonly see in local waterways like Trout Lake in Vancouver and Garry Point Park in Richmond are generations and generations of abandoned pets,” says Sara Dubois, manager of wildlife services for the BC SPCA.

Dubois says red-eared sliders are just one of dozens of species of exotic animals that are routinely abandoned by their guardians after getting too big, too old, too sick or too demanding to merit captive care.

Released into the environment en masse, red-eared sliders grow to the size of dinner plates and can live for decades. They disrupt local ecosystems and force out native amphibian and turtle populations, including the endangered Western painted turtle.

94 down

University of Victoria in the middle of a quiet cull.

Tom Smith said 94 rabbits have been humanely captured from the area around the athletic fields and euthanized off site since May 8.

The new “pilot project” was a response to the failed attempt in January to trap, spay and relocate 150 rabbits. Since then, the population has surpassed the 2000 mark and Smith said the university had to move ahead with a cull, despite public controversy.

“Right now a cull is what will get us to that point of having a manageable rabbit population,” Smith said.



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