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Real teeth

ALDF releases annual report on best places to be an animal abuser in Canada.

Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Quebec are the best provinces and territories in Canada to be an animal abuser, according to a new report released today by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Based on a detailed comparative analysis of the animal protection laws of each jurisdiction, the report recognizes the provinces and territories where laws protecting animals have real teeth, and calls out those like the Northwest Territories and Nunavut—tied again for worst in Canada this year for animal protection laws—where animal abusers get off easy.


Changed attitudes

Newfoundland to update animal protection laws.

Most of the province’s legislation relating to live animals was enacted in the 1970s and has not been significantly updated, according to the government’s news release.

“Societal expectations and attitudes towards the care of animals have changed since much of the existing legislation was introduced,” said the release. “The new legislation will provide the greatest protection and enforcement possible in regards to animal welfare and will address the fines and penalties for inappropriate treatment of animals and neglect. Details will be provided when the draft bill is released during the spring session.”

Doggie World

Story on Langley City pet store prompts calls for new laws.

I believe the drive for the almighty dollar overrode the owners’ desire to provide ethical, moral and adequate care for these puppies.

I encourage everyone who is concerned about this situation to challenge the bylaw in Langley City which allows sale of puppies. In the Township, this is not permitted.

This article also highlights the importance of not purchasing puppies from unscrupulous business owners who obtain puppies from puppy mills.

For goodness sake, let’s get some teeth into our animal protection laws and have a sufficient number of animal control officers to police puppy and kitten mills. Hefty fines levied should be able to pay the cost.

Yes, the animal cruelty laws need to be rewritten, but in the interim, local government should take a stand and set the example by refusing business licences to places like this. I notice that the Township doesn’t permit the sale of puppies, so why does the City?



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