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John Sorenson reviews Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustangs.

 Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustangs is both inspiring and frustrating. The book demonstrates that individuals can have an impact but also that governments are always ready to serve the interests of private profiteers, and that constant, organized oversight is required.

Beyond that, the book demonstrates some of the shortcomings of campaigns that focus on particular species. Johnston’s efforts on behalf of wild horses were certainly admirable but there is no indication of any broader concerns for other animals or of consistency of ethical principles through awareness of animal rights. Throughout the book, defenders of horses are depicted wearing buckskin jackets and sitting down to chicken pot pies and never giving a thought to their contradictory behaviour. Why love one but eat the other?

Former donor

Ape author John Sorenson — his About Canada: Animal Rights comes out in September — writes to the Toronto Star.

Thanks for your story on the OSPCA’s decision to kill hundreds of animals at their “shelter” in Newmarket. As a former donor to the OSPCA, I was horrified to learn of this plan. Instead of hiring security forces to surround their offices, the OSPCA should spend their resources to save the lives of animals. Ringworm is treatable. The animals should receive medical care and be adopted.



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