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Loathsome nature

John Sorenson on the RCMP’s claim that there is no cruelty at Bouvry Horse Exports Ltd.

. . . the RCMP were probably persuaded by Bouvry that their operations conformed to standard practices. This is probably true, but this is simply an indication of the loathsome nature of the entire industry. Anyone seeking verification of this may turn to Gail Eisnitz’s book Slaughterhouse.

As depraved and horrific as they are, the scenes at Bouvry are simply instances of a far greater pattern. The entire industry is based on cruelty: deliberately depriving sentient beings of the lives they enjoy simply to satisfy the trivial desire to savour their flesh in our mouths.

Wilful abuse

Videos reveal below-standards treatment at Quebec and Alberta horse abattoirs.

A review of the 189 slaughters on the Bouvry facility video, carried out by animal-welfare expert Temple Grandin, found six per cent of its horses had to be fired on a second time when the first shot didn’t knock them out or kill them. An audit by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies put the number at seven per cent — exceeding the standard of five per cent.

Those limits also stipulate that no more than one per cent of animals can slip or fall in the kill pen before they’re shot, but the audits found that threshold was exceeded at both Bouvry and Richelieu.

As for jolting horses in the face with an electrical prod, Grandin told CBC News that’s “a wilful act of abuse” and an automatic failed audit.

“Something like that horse being whipped in the face, I’d blame that on plant management. Plant management needs to be controlling that stuff,” she said.

New slaughterhouse

Rainy River District Regional Abattoir is almost ready to open.

. . . the board is expecting a good turnout for the opening ceremony.
“It’s a brand new facility and I think people will want to have a look,” Loshaw noted.
“I think people will be happy with it,” echoed general manager Marg Irvine. “It’s a beautiful facility and we only hope it can grow.”
Invitations for the opening ceremony have been extended to all levels of government, as well as the general public.
Tours of the facility will take place at noon, followed by a brief ceremony at 1 p.m. and then a light lunch.
Irvine, who has been working hard to get things ready at the abattoir, is quite excited for the opening.
“The most exciting day, though, will be our first kill day,” she remarked.

Bull charges

No charges will be laid in December 30 bull escape.

The animal, which was slated to be butchered, had escaped from Lethbridge Meat and Seafood and was on the run.
Before police arrived at the scene, the bull was contained and killed by one of the employees, because the abattoir’s staff members were concerned about public safety.
The employee used a rifle and shot the bull multiple times.
Following the police investigation it was determined that the animal was dispatched safely given the circumstances.



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