So satisfying?

CBC Radio’s Ideas is in the middle of a pretty unsatisfying series on meat: “Have Your Meat and Eat It Too!

We North Americans love our meat. It’s cheap, it’s plentiful and it’s oh so satisfying. Who, except vegetarians can resist the smell of steak, chicken or ribs sizzling on the barbeque? What was once reserved for special occasions has become our everyday fare, sometimes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every year, the average North American chomps through 30 whole chickens, a third of a pig and a tenth of a cow – that’s about a half a pound of meat a day. And it’s not just North America. Worldwide, the per capita consumption of meat has doubled in the past half century. In this 3-part series Jill Eisen asks the question: What do we really know about the meat we buy?

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