Wrong emotions

Canadian Seal Marketing Group’s new logo gets bad reviews.

“This is like showing a picture of a just-born calf to sell steak tartare,” said Philippe Garneau, executive creative director at GWP Brand Engineering in Toronto. “If we had our food marketed to us that way, we’d be put off of it. It is a real head-scratcher.” Advertising is an emotional medium, he said, “and this will elicit all of the wrong emotions.”

The logo itself could confuse people about the organization’s purpose, said Tony Chapman, founder and chief executive of Toronto-based ad agency Capital C, “given that it trades on the very images that Greenpeace used for years to trumpet the anti-seal-hunt message,” graphic videos of sweet-faced seals that are chased down and pummelled with clubs until they die.

“This is a save-the-seals, kid-friendly logo – I would expect to see that on a toddler’s mix ‘n’ match outfit,” he said. “And the [model’s] whole shredded Mad Max ensemble just immediately brings to mind the image of a cute seal getting clubbed.”

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