Hardest decision

A look inside the Lincoln County Humance Society ahead of the construction of an addition that will include a low-cost spay/neuter clinic.

“It’s the hardest decision to have to make, and it’s sad,” Woodfine said. “Staff are upset, especially when there are multiples. There are some days when 10 cats have to be euthanized.”

In spring, when mother cats and litters of kittens are being dropped off daily, it’s especially difficult, she said. On Wednesday, three mother cats, with five kittens each, arrived at the shelter in the space of three hours — a total of 18 new cats. Woodfine knows the newcomers mean the days are numbered for a scruffy, stray tomcat from Lincoln who has been at the shelter since the middle of April.

“He’s really sweet,” she said. “He likes to be petted, he’s affectionate.”

But he looks like a stray “and he’s not the prettiest of cats,” she said, which makes him vulnerable.

“He’s dingy white and scruffy. He’s cute, he’s got personality, but for people who come in and want a well-kept cat or kitten …” Woodfine doesn’t finish the sentence. The tomcat hasn’t been named, because naming him would make it harder.

Of the cats that get picked up or dropped off at the humane society, 75% are euthanized by injection, said executive director Kevin Strooband. There were 2,472 last year alone.

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