Big change

A profile of DeWinton’s Rescue and Sanctuary for Threatened Animals.

The RASTA grounds are like Old MacDonald’s farm, with big and small animals walking around like family. Chickens take methodical steps scanning for snacks while potbelly pigs root around with the same goal in mind. Rabbits hop by. A dog sleeps in the sun. Guinea fowl, with their elegant spotted feathers, strut around as the cat and the horses overlook the scene.

In the paddock, miniature donkeys, llamas, goats and horses hang about.

It’s an interspecies lounge area, everyone living free-range style.

That’s a big change for the RASTA residents. The chickens, for example, were rescued from a factory farm where they had laid eggs in a tight cage, suffering constant pecking from other chickens and were unable to stand or stretch their wings. When chickens’ egg production drops they are no longer valuable and are often destined to be tossed alive in a wood chipper Cerny said.


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