Potentially dangerous

Brampton’s Brittany and Rambo head to independent veterinarian.

The City and the dogs’ owners have agreed to resolve the dispute through a settlement that works toward a resolution within the parameters of DOLA and the City’s Dog By-law. The agreement provides a process for determining whether the dogs are pit bulls under DOLA. An independent veterinarian, who has had no prior involvement in the matter, will conduct an examination of the dogs and prepare a report setting out his analysis and conclusion as to whether they are pit bulls.

If the veterinarian concludes that the dogs are pit bulls under DOLA, the City intends to hold the dogs for an agreed-upon period while the owners make arrangements to find a suitable home for them outside of the province, as the provincial legislation requires. If the veterinarian finds that the dogs are not pit bulls or is unable to reach a conclusion, the dogs will be immediately released to their owners under certain agreed-upon terms and conditions. This includes the stipulation that the dogs be designated and licensed as “potentially dangerous dogs”, which requires that they be microchipped and sterilized, and that they are leashed and muzzled when out in public spaces.


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