Dogwood in doghouse

Chicken stunt fallout.

“While we fully support Dogwood Initiative’s laudable work in raising awareness about environmental issues in B.C., we’re deeply troubled that they would use live animals to make a point,” said humane society executive director Debra Probert. “Chickens feel stress and pain … and no living creature should be used as a prop to make a political statement.”

Penny Stone, B.C. SPCA Victoria branch manager, said protesters should use pies or rubber chickens. “The chickens didn’t have a choice in this.”

And a blog post on the disconnect between environmental activism and animal rights.

Another source of confusion is the implied belief that the chickens are somehow better off after being taken from a battery hen farm, thrown into an office and abandoned. You want to help or rescue abused chickens – my advice is that you skip the throwing them around part.


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