Toronto Humane Society

OSPCA holds town hall meeting.

Volunteer Ligita Mikelson, one of about 100 in the room, said she left the meeting with just as many questions.

“When the OSPCA came in, I was very upset. I’m less fired up now. But they couldn’t answer many of the questions about who will run the THS,” she said. “The real problem now is that before, yes maybe it was crowded, but the place was crawling with animals and people wanting to adopt.

“Now it’s clean. It’s tidy. But it’s half-empty. It’s lost its soul.” 

The OSPCA, which has been criticized for speaking too openly to the media, barred reporters from attending the meeting.

The OSPCA “certainly haven’t been welcoming to us and they’ve been treating us like we’ve done something bad,” said Sheenagh Murphy, a volunteer dog walker who left the meeting feeling that she only got partial answers to her questions.


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  1. 1 selkie March 25, 2010 at 7:56 am

    there were FIVE ospca/security guards watching me the other day (Monday) when I was walking one of the four dogs out of the 18 (there were 110 dogs when the raid occurred) remaining. While I acknowledge that the OSPCA at least recognized there was a problem, I felt overall that very little was accomplished. Ultimately, I still don’t feel there has been adequate transparency about what is happening at the THS, nor what the future holds – and frankly, the OSPCA is as dictiorial and dismissive as Tim Trow ever was (and god knows, he was as bad as they come!)

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