Tiger steak?

Reaction to CITES meeting from Winnipeg.

It should be an embarrassment to all Canadians that our country supported Japan and voted against a bluefin ban. Fisheries Minister Gail Shea told CBC news the bluefin should merely be “fished responsibly.”

That simply isn’t possible, even if P.E.I. fishers only take a few every year. The species is simply too scarce overall.

Is there a responsible way to wander into the jungles of India and shoot the few remaining Bengal tigers? Is there a responsible way to venture into Burundi’s mountains and kill the last gorillas? Bluefin tuna may not have fur, but they are just as endangered and ecologically important.

If you see it on a Winnipeg sushi menu, tell the waiter and the owner you are not impressed. Or simply try to order tiger steak or gorilla burgers instead.


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