Feral goats

A profile of two goats who have been hanging out on the Spectacle Head cliffs in Cupids, Newfoundland for about a decade.

Area residents are quite familiar with the story of how the goats came to make the cliff their home, but usually shy away from saying who used to own them.

That’s likely because of the sensitivity around the issue of animal welfare.

The story goes like this: the area behind the cliff is a well-known pasture, where goat owners would routinely leave their animals during the summer and collect them in the fall.

A bunch of goats were left year-round in the area some years ago, and someone complained to authorities about the abandoned animals. When the owner tried unsuccessfully to collect the goats, which had retreated to the cliff face, he took to a boat and began shooting them in order to at least salvage the meat, or mutton.

Five or six of them were killed, but the two males survived and now live wild.


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