No reason

The seal hunt and paradox.

. . . smashing the skull of a seal with the blunt end of a hakapik is widely seen as torture, while factory farming continues unabated so Canadians can reap the dubious rewards of 89-cent hamburgers.Is there reason here? Not in any of it.

We can never get it right with animals. That’s because we struggle so desperately in defining our relationship with them. Animals are hunting buddies and dinner. Clothing and bodyguards. Transportation and stand-in toddlers.

In our search for balance, we swing from one extreme to another — Francesca Rogier has spent $30K trying to save Brindi, while a Westville woman will go to trial in July on charges of animal cruelty involving 22 dogs.

We love animals, but just as often we love them to death . . .


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