Odd and unusual

Ontario Livestock Exchange’s exotic animal auction to go ahead despite concerns raised by WSPA, PETA, and Erika Ritter.

It was a tough issue for councillors — on the one hand are animal protection agencies and individuals, raising concerns about how the animals are cared for at the sale; on the other hand, sale proponents, who provided documentation that the sales are inspected, and that the animals are well cared for.
Who to believe?
Councillors opted to support Height and Witzel, perhaps in response to the valid comment raised by a supporter of the sale — if the animals were truly in distress on the day of the sale, why weren’t the complaints dealt with that day, instead of after the fact?
However, while councillors have decided to let the sale go ahead, with restrictions on exactly which animals can be sold, the sale does raise a larger issue.
There is really very little control over the sale and ownership of exotic animals in this country, and very little consistency in how this issue is dealt with across various jurisdictions.
In reality, anyone can go to the upcoming sale, make the highest bid, and become the proud owner of a macaque — regardless of the fact that such ownership is prohibited in Woolwich Township.


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