Cat surrender

Etobicoke Humane Society rescues 28 cats.

“I couldn’t last more than 10 minutes without my throat and chest hurting, it was so bad in there. Nothing should live in that house,’’ said the Humane Society’s Jerry Higgins, who investigated a cat hoarding on Saturday in central Etobicoke.

Mr. Higgins said he found garbage and cockroaches everywhere, feces, urine and a strong smell of ammonia in the house, in the Kipling and Eglinton area.

Toronto Animal Services had been investigating for a year after numerous complaints regarding the smell, but had been unsuccessful in entering the house, inhabitated by a woman and her adult daughter, but Mr. Higgins said he was able to get through to one of the women on the phone.

After convincing them he was acting in the animals’ best interests, the women surrendered all 28 cats willfully.


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