Special concern

Gerry Byrne philosophizes about terrorism in speech to Rotarians titled “Al-PETA”.

Byrne has been calling for authorities to review the actions of PETA to see if the group fits the definition of a terrorist organization.

He noted the United States Department of Agriculture in a facility security form, refers to PETA as “domestic special interest terrorists” alongside the Earth Liberation Front, the Animal Liberation Front and other groups.

The Home Office in the United Kingdom call PETA a group of special concern.
Byrne wants to know how Emily McCoy, who stands accused of assaulting a federal cabinet minister in the pie incident, was able to cross the United States-Canada border after she was arrested and charged in October with trespassing at the Fisheries Council of Canada where Shea was also present.

When an organization conspires to use violence to intimidate a political leader, Byrne believes it fits the Canadian definition of a terrorist organization.


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