Corner Brook resident starts anti-PETA Facebook page in wake of pie incident.

Many of the members have posted comments and other content on the site. While Stringer liked one woman’s link to a YouTube video of a woman berating PETA’s notion that fish are “sea kittens,” there have been some posting he thinks may go a bit too far.

For instance, one image shows two hunters who have spelled out “PETA SUCKS” using dead rabbits.

“I don’t necessarily agree with all the stuff people are posting and some of the stuff is not how I would personally express myself,” he said. “Some of the language is a bit strong and I’d prefer it not go that way, but that’s what happens when you open things up to the public. People connect with it right away, so I think I’m certainly not the only person who has that strong reaction to the attacks PETA makes.”


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