Cute business

Bowmanville Zoo exploits animals, Jesus simultaneously.

In the Bible story baby Jesus received presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Michael Hackenberger, owner of the Bowmanville Zoo, said Jesus also received gifts such as movement from the horse, intelligence from the elephant, bravery from the lion, and many more.

The Animals Gift has been running at the zoo since Dec. 9, and will continue through Jan. 3.

“It’s going very well,” Mr. Hackenberger said. “It’s a really cute little piece of business.”

With about 40 animals involved in the production, people would think that things would get a little tense sometimes. Although the animals are working in close proximity, there have been no mishaps, Mr. Hackenberger said.

“They learn to enjoy the enrichment of the show,” he explains, adding the animals are used to working with many people and animals at once. Most of the animals from Bowmanville Zoo are rented out, and star in films, and television.


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