Toronto Humane Society

THS scores partial victory: staff not facing criminal charges return to work next Tuesday, but OSPCA remains in charge of animal care.

. . . four weeks is too long for what has effectively become an “occupation” of the humane society’s premises to continue, Judge Ian Nordheimer said Tuesday.Judge Nordheimer ordered the OSPCA to turn over all potentially sensitive documents, including scans of the humane society’s hard drives, to a third party, and to allow all humane society employees not facing criminal charges to return to work.

Since Nov. 26, investigators have barred about 35 employees from entering – on the basis, the OSPCA said, that they wouldn’t have been able to do their work while the search was continuing. Humane society lawyer Frank Addario argued that keeping senior staff out of the building rendered the society unable to conduct business or pay its bills.

“We can begin to take charge of the business of the charity again,” he said. “We’ve achieved the thing we came to achieve. … We wanted to bring that occupation to an end.”

Meanwhile, OSPCA ask court to remove THS board.

The application to remove the board was made by the OSPCA and Johanna MacNaughton, a former humane society veterinarian. It asks the court to call a special board election for Feb. 1, to direct the provincial public guardian and trustee to investigate the humane society’s alleged breaches of the Charities Accounting Act, and to allow the OSPCA to remain at the shelter until that investigation is complete.

By permitting animal cruelty and “demonstrating an inability to pay its suppliers,” the filing argues, the THS has committed a breach of its “charitable objects.”

Pre-Trow president Jeannie Butler passed away earlier this month.

Jeannie also leaves behind her much-loved pug dogs Rhett Butler, Precious and Mona Lisa and many friends whom she selflessly supported as a compassionate nurse, gala organizer, animal rights activist, arts advocate, radio broadcaster and business executive. Her unparalleled personal warmth, strategic acumen and indefatigable spirit proved to be a winning combination as she raised many millions of dollars for a wide range of charities.


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