Georgian Bay Animal Rescue

Enterprise-Bulletin readers weigh in on recent controversies.

It’s about time something has been done to help the poor animals. Some of the board members of GBAR have been too interested in staying in power and have lost sight that this is about helping the animals.

So many experienced people want to help, and get involved, but cannot deal with the policies of hoarding cats, and never euthanizing. GBAR should be a ‘low-kill’ organization… and any sick, crippled, non-adoptable animals should be humanely euthanized.

What this is really about is egos and the taking of control by ‘johnny come latelys’ whose only interest is self-aggrandizement; there is no concern for the animals. In fact, one of these board persons is quoted in the EB article as saying that GBAR must have a moratorium on taking in any more animals. This, in December, at the start of four months of winter. Her recommendation would mean that any animals needing shelter, vet care, food, etc. would just be left to starve, freeze, suffer and die because GBAR doesn’t want to take on the responsibility for any more animals, which is its mandate as a ‘no kill’ shelter! How humane is that, coming for a director of a humane society?

My cat Moo is feisty, affectionate, funny, healthy and playful; she came to me through a GBAR adoption just over a year ago.  First of all, let me say that I was not officially involved with the old Georgian Bay Animal Rescue in any way; nor am I speaking for the new board. This is not a political letter about the current controversy swirling around the animal shelter; it is a testament to the men and women who kept Moo for more than three years while they waited for her to find me, or me to find her.

I have no intention of providing another cent to these people if it will be used to “collect and store” stray animals instead of allowing them to be adopted, and I hope there are others with a similar opinion. Those “calling the shots” for GBAR need to reassess whether they really are involved in animal rescue for the right reasons. Have you no morals? Do you lose sleep at night?


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