Milking it

Kitchener English professor/artist puts cows online and downtown.

Using radio frequency tags already used by the milking system, the cows’ “Teat Tweets” — which will include how frequently they were milked, how much milk they produced and when they go offline to give birth — will be sent to a live Twitter feed.

“We have this huge high-tech enterprise all over in the countryside surrounding us, but people still have this understanding of the farmer with a piece of straw in his mouth who gets up when the rooster crows and goes out to milk the cows by hand,” said Marcel O’Gorman, director of the University of Waterloo’s Critical Media Lab.

 The Twitter feed is one part of a multimedia exploration of human relationships to livestock and food sources in a brave, new automated world. The Dairy Diary is a collaborative project between researcher Ron Broglio of the Georgia Gwinnett College in Atlanta and the Critical Media Lab.


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