Rationalizing cruelty

Interview with Animals author Don LePan.

Q: Like with many dystopian novels, Animals paints a fairly dim view of humanity and our capacity to rationalize cruelty and inequality in times of economic troubles. Are you pessimistic about what humanity is capable of?

A: I guess I have a mixed view of humanity. I certainly don’t look at humans as inherently good, I think we are just such a mixture. I think the human capacity to rationalize cruelty is very, very large. Perhaps even more so if systems come to be under pressure through economic downturns, but I think at any time it’s very great. But to be more charitable to humans and to myself, it took years after I learned about factory farming to change my behaviour in any way. I think most humans, in all of us. there’s a gap between the principles we do believe in and the ways in which we apply them.


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